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Mindful And Fit Coaching
Continuously pursuing strategies for advancing the human condition in areas of: mind, body and spirit.

Mindful and Fit Coaching 

Passionate | Holistic | Transformative

Taking a holistic approach to mind and body so we can reach your goals. I believe in you, let’s do this together.

Taking the first step in fitness can feel overwhelming, but the good news is, I’ve been there and I get it. Let’s schedule a call today to see if working with me can help you change your life. Click below to schedule a free consultation call.


Mindful and Fit Coaching:

Our Mission

My mission is to use my talent, experience, and personal story of losing 145 pounds in 2010 to inspire as many people as I can, while providing them tools to live their best lives.

If you are looking for strategies to reduce stress, eat, sleep and move better, or support and accountability to achieve dietary, behavioral, and weight loss goals - I am here for you. I am abundantly passionate about teaching people to implement evidence-based strategies and tools that can have a profound and lasting impact toward creating healthy and sustainable patterns of behavior.

I believe in and promote the 4 PILLARS OF PERFORMANCE


Using Meditation and Mindfulness to teach clients to approach their thoughts with kindness, or as an impartial observer.


Teaching quick, simple, and effective strategies to empower you with food as fuel to nourish your body, rather than rules that restrict and deprive.


Promoting stability, strength and mobility through customized fitness programs tailored to your goals.


I teach tools for promoting empowered independence, healthy cooperation, and mental resilience through adversity.

Ready to start or looking to get more information? Schedule a call with Tony to get your free consultation and see what this is all about.



-1 Weekly 45 minute coaching call

-3 weekly check-in’s via text, email, or social media

-video guided workouts delivered to your email

-Nutrition tips delivered weekly via email.

-weekly assessments, bi-monthly body circumference measurements

-2 or 3 weekly personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home, using facetime, skype or google hangout.

-Focus on customizing mindfulness and physical fitness training to your goals.

-Lose weight and inches, drop body fat percentage, and add lean muscle tissue.

-Get off your medications and start living again!

-45 hours of customized personal training and behavior coaching

-private, exclusive accommodations in sunny san diego, california

-gourmet farm to table cuisine

-Strength training, hiking, yoga, meditation, biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, interval training and more!

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Misty has lost 150+ pounds and kept it off over three years of working with Tony.

Misty has lost 150+ pounds and kept it off over three years of working with Tony.

Tony is a very special person who genuinely cares about the people he works with. He isn’t just a trainer; he is SO MUCH MORE to people like myself who are struggling and think they have no value. I’ve watched him coach multiple campers up Double Peaks who swore they could never do such a feat, but they did it with his encouragement. Tony’s joy comes from lifting people up and showing them they can live their dreams, and that’s something very wonderful. He never made any of it about him; he made it about us. He is a true giver, and as a business owner myself, I wish I could clone him and have an army of Tonys on my payroll. Please know that many clients like myself think you are absolutely amazing. I will always be grateful that I met you and got to have you as a trainer and a friend. You helped me save my life, Tony. I can never begin to thank you enough for that, but please know I am on this healthy path now because of you. Thank you again. For everything

~Misty, Cilent

About Tony




Anthony Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer, Educator, Public Speaker, and Motivational Coach.

B.A. Communication, 2011, Idaho State University

M.A. Communication, 2015, San Diego State University

Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, American Council on Exercise

In 2010 he accomplished a tremendous life goal of losing 100+ pounds in a calendar year. He now wakes up every day with the inspired intention of helping as many people cultivate and execute the lifestyle changes he did.

In 2016 he left his career as a professor and classroom educator to teach people how to live their best lives. He still applies his passion for teaching in new contexts, as a health and behavior coach, organizational and health communication consultant, and guest speaker.

His specialties include: Weight-loss, Functional Mobility and Stability Training, Sports Conditioning, Kickboxing, Obstacle Course Race Training, and he is an avid Yogi and practices daily meditation.

At Mindful and Fit Coaching, we offer coached personal training geared toward advancing the human condition in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. We are not your average fitness bootcamp. Each session includes guided meditation and a stretching and reflection cool-down time at the end. Each client is encouraged to journal each day with the goal of identifying your negative, self-limiting beliefs – working with a coach who will offer strategies for systematically reframing those into positive, life-affirming beliefs. In addition, you will receive individualized instruction from one of the nation’s elite fitness trainers, Tony Johnson, who transformed his own life in 2010 and has since helped 1,000’s of people do the same.